What’s right around the corner?

On Tuesday the 17th of November the IAAPA conference kicks off in Orland Florida.

The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) conference dates are November 17-20.

If you are not already familiar with IAAPA, imagine a trade show where the coolest roller coaster companies of the world, or the latest virtual reality companies plus any major company involved in bringing a fun, amusement type, or adventurous product to the public realm.

All these companies come to exhibit their latest technology.

IAAPA has been described as a “beast”, “a monster” and “an amazingly epic event.”

And when you enter the cavernous conference centre, you’ll agree.

This year, KristallTurm is exclusively importing for the duration of the event, a 3 level, 50 foot KT-15 Mikro Aerial Ropes Course Tower.  Complete with 15 climbing elements and 3 additional adrenaline elements.

Last year we had approximately 1,100 people climb on our KristallTurm aerial adventure park and this year we expect the same numbers, if not more. This unique challenge ropes course can be found at Outdoor Booth #7325

At our Indoor Booth #5930   you’ll be able to meet with our North American team, see a curated album of installed aerial adventure parks, get a ropes course revenue calculator demonstration plus learn about the latest technology, opportunities and installations we have lined up for the Spring of 2016.

If you plan to come to IAAPA and want to schedule a face to face meeting, please click on this link.

Our current park owners may also be present for you to connect with and speak to about their success.

If you would like to schedule a time and speak with them, please schedule your meeting here.

If you plan to visit IAAPA,  would you like to be a guest of KristallTurm and receive a free ticket?

If so Click here before November 13 to register. This is a $110 savings per ticket!

(To qualify, we have a short survey you must complete.)

We look forward to seeing you at IAAPA and we will attempt to blog, send videos and show you some of the IAAPA action.

Stay tuned.

KristallTurm North America

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