[Video] 360 Degrees of KristallTurm

[Video] 360 Degrees of KristallTurm

Sneak peek video. A KristallTurm KT-90 in Edmonton.

Steel and wood standing ready for guests. Edmonton’s ropes course rises high into the sky. Elementary building blocks of fun hanging quietly up to 50 feet. A cool breeze. Light ring of metal before the gates are open and explorers launch. Once the tickets are sold a range of ages and skills provide the soundtrack of excitement.

Elements offer a challenge. Start on the green (easy) and try out some blue (medium) and black (hard.) Some left incomplete on the first day. They keep vibrating, swinging with the sounds of laughter and excitement. Ready for the next day, the next visit. 109 opportunities to test the skill.

A 360 degree panorama video capturing the variety of Elements available at Rainbow Campground. Rainbow climbing holds and travel trailer customize the ropes course. Tributes to the campground home for this transformational experience. Watch the video below.

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