6 Tips To Tackle IAAPA – The World’s Largest Amusement Park Tradeshow

SOAR Adventure Tower


November is just around the corner and for KristallTurm North America and our US Adventure Park business, it means exhibiting at IAAPA in Orlando Florida from the 17-20th of November.

If you have never before attended IAAPA (The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) imagine the biggest, craziest, loudest, and most amazing amusement park technology and vendors under one roof.

If you can picture that, you are close to imagining the size and scope of IAAPA.

IAAPA is the world’s largest international tradeshow for the amusements and attractions industry, featuring 1,000 exhibitors with more than 28,000 attractions professionals.

18,000 qualified amusement park and attractions buyers from more than 100 countries meet at IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando.

Buyers come from the following industry categories:

Amusement parks, Theme parks, Attractions, Water parks, Family Entertainment Centers, Casino, Zoos, Aquariums, Resorts, Museums, Themed Entertainment, Party Rentals and much much more!

Again this year, we will be importing our Mikro Aerial Adventure Tower and erecting it onsite for the full KristallTurm experience. Last year we had over 1,100 people climb thru our 2 level tower over 4 days. This time our tower will be bigger and even better than last year! You cannot miss it outside at Booth 7250.

The KristallTurm Mikro is 15 metres or 50ft tall, it has a total of 15 climbing elements plus the additional capability to install zip lines or dynamic belay jumps. It is perfect for campgrounds, small theme parks and destination locations where space requirements are tight!

If you are considering adding an Adventure Ropes Course to your existing business, here are 6 battle tested tactics to help you get the most out of the IAAPA show.

1. Start with a plan. If there are specific amusements you want to look at, find the vendor booths on the plan BEFORE you get to the show. Remember is you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

2. The first day you arrive, try to walk as much of the show as possible, stopping at the specific booths you are interested in, but also jot down booth #’s of other booths that you find interesting.

KristallTurm North America’s Indoor Booth # is 5930

Our Outdoor Mikro Tower Booth # is 7250

3. Although you should have some equipment ideas in mind, stay open to other ideas that you might see as you’re walking to compliment your business vision.

If you are considering an Aerial Adventure Park, IAAPA is a great place to physically put the parks to “your” test and experience the attributes of each park style first hand. It’s also a great place to connect with vendors who supply the park industry like insurance brokers, software vendors etc.

4. The second day, start seriously visiting booths and making a plan for purchase. If you see something you know you are going to purchase, go ahead and make the purchase. It will save you time in the long run.
If you are going to IAAPA and plan on meeting with us and discussing your business needs, get a jump on your competition and book your time slot now.

5. The third day, walk a little more, but take time to talk to people in the aisles. If you visit a booth and can meet other company owners, take the time to talk a bit. Introduce yourself to the vendors. The more people you know in this industry, the more you’ll learn as you grow.

Insider tip: Traffic slows down on the Friday so if you need time to talk, get in early and let’s chat, especially if you want a Spring install for 2016.

6. Don’t forget the nightlife! IAAPA parties can be the best part of the show. Visit our booth to pre-register for the KristallTurm Jungle-Jam. If you do not register, you will not get to play. We promise it will be an unforgettable evening.

There you have it!

6 tried and tested tactics to help you get the most from what will be, an unforgettable week at IAAPA!

We look forward to seeing you there and please swing by booth # 5930 or booth # 7250 and introduce yourself.

PS: Don’t forget to download your infographic here

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