A 3 min Aerial Tour Of The SOAR Adventure Tower, Nashville TN.

A 3 min Aerial Tour Of The SOAR Adventure Tower, Nashville TN.



SOAR Aerial Adventure Park Drone Footage

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On the day before their Grand Opening, the owners of the SOAR Adventure Tower held a private climbing session for friends and family to thank them for their support.

We were on hand and captured some footage so you can see what is possible in the realm of high rope courses and how you too can bring this uniquely European, and iconic aerial adventure park to your city or community.

As we fly around, keep an eye out for the customized elements we created for SOAR and their “Musical City” theme. This is something we do for each and every location and owner and we look forward to hearing about your vision and what you would like to do in your city, community, location.

Our unique European design, German engineering, Swiss/German safety now means you benefit from the world’s best and safest aerial adventure park. As you can see, why compromise when you can own a KristallTurm®?

With 18 locations worldwide and 7 years of operational experience, let us help you be the first to bring the unique KristallTurm®adventure to your region while the opportunity still exists.

Please enjoy the video.

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