“Adventure Parks Are the New Amusement Parks” – Outside Magazine Aug 17, 2016


aerial adventure gameAt a glance:

 We’ve had a busy, productive and fun summer here at KristallTurm North America and we hope you have too. In this post we visit new KristallTurm installs, announce new KristallTurm tower builds and explore an insightful article about this exciting industry.


Aerial adventure game

New installs:

KittyHawk, NC, USA


Installer: KristallTurm North America, July 2016

Platja Daro, Costa Brava, Spain


Installer: KristallTurm DE, May 2016

Aida Prima

KristallTurm Germany announced the successful install of a tower aboard the Aida Prima owned by Carnival Cruise Lines. This luxury cruise ship now offers the best in self-directed aerial adventure, anywhere on the high seas.


Installer: KristallTurm DE

aerial adventure gameNew Builds:

Alberta, Canada

Texas, USA

Upcoming Trade Events:

KristallTurm North America will be exhibiting at the Summer Ops Camp in Park City, Utah. September 14-16.

aerial adventure gameInsights

 Last week, Outside magazine published an article that sums up how KristallTurm North America views this industry in one succinct headline.

 “Adventure Parks Are the New Amusement Parks!”

kristallturm epic sky trek

The story, showcases the growth of the adventure park industry in the US stating that,” A decade ago, not a single aerial adventure park existed in the United States.” Until 2009 nobody had tested whether the pay to play model would work in the US despite it’s incredible success in the European and worldwide market.

With the opening of the Catamount Ski Area Ropes Course in 2009, that doubt was put to rest with a dramatic growth of approximately 200-450 aerial adventure parks in the US alone, with predictions of up to 1,500 parks in the US, five years from now.

Here at KristallTurm we have seen the emergence of a land grab starting to take shape.

Savvy investors with available capital are breaking ground on giant “adventure/sports projects.” Visionary entrepreneurs like Kevin Vanderkolk of SOAR Adventure in Franklin TN, or Ty Seufer of the Epic Sky Trek Tower in Castle Rock CO, have seen the future and claimed their stake. In the case of these KristallTurm owners, both have experienced a stand out summer and growth is expected to maintain its current trajectory.

With two new parks now in full production and negotiations for more, we wanted to shine a light on the Outside Magazine article and the differences in the business models being described.

Essentially there are two types of aerial adventure business models. Tree top courses or stand-alone modular, steel and wood structure, like a KristallTurm.

epic sky trek towerAccording to the article and to industry expert Paul Cummings.  The business model is generally predictable, as long as the park is constructed in a high-density area. It costs about $750,000 to $1 million to build a park, but aside from the materials, you don’t need much more than five to eight acres of land, some bathrooms, and power to a registration shed.”

KristallTurm agrees with Cummings regarding the need for proximity to high density, however the land requirements for the largest KristallTurm tower are significantly less. For example, the Soar Adventure Tower in Franklin TN is approximately 3 acres in total, inclusive of the 10,000 sq. ft. tower, office, guest registration building, plus parking for 50 vehicles. The Epic Sky Trek tower, however requires only a quarter acre. With a basic registration shed and gear storage, everything fits within the 10,000 Sq.Ft.  footprint.

Aside from obvious land savings, the benefits of compressing 90 -119 elements into a quarter acre compared to five to eight acres for a similar park, plus stacking the levels of activity, one above the other to a height of 50ft, amplifies the experience. Operation wise, the ability for staff to monitor 120 guests, simultaneously, from anywhere in the tower, adds to the high degree of safety.

ninja warrior elementsBoth the Epic Sky Trek and SOAR Adventure’s visitor comments reflect this unique experience: What an amazing place!”….“Channeled my inner child…what a blast!”

One visitor went so far to say: “I’m writing this review to encourage anyone needing an adventure to just DO it, and bring a friend or two to take photos and belly laugh with you, because it is all such pure fun. We could not accomplish every element, but we are all in our 50’s and were very proud of what we did do, and how we challenged ourselves to overcome our fears. There is never a moment when you second-guess your safety, and the guides are always there to help you”.

Cummings believes aerial adventure parks serve as “gateways to the natural world.” “If somebody wants an adventure, this is an opportunity to do it without having to travel far.”

The unique design and safety system of the KristallTurm allow visitors to choose their own path and discover their own adventure. It is why our parks have a high adult participation rate. Our goal is to engage all ages and leave them wanting more. If it’s more exercise, more adventure, another visit or more time in the outdoors? We love the result.

sky trek ninja warriorWith Aerial Adventure Parks now viewed as the New Amusement Park, CrossFit and American Ninja Warrior elements like the “monkey bars.” “cannon ball alley” or” running boards” feature in the Epic Sky Trek and SOAR Adventure Tower. Also the addition of add on zip lines, quick jump, giant swing, climbing walls and more allow owners to create a unique stand alone destination location.

sky trek ninja warriorThe entire Outside article can be found here. https://www.outsideonline.com/2106431/adventure-parks-are-new-amusement-parks

If you are considering investing in this fast growth industry, go ahead and download everything you need right here.

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