Aerial Adventure Park and Ropes Course Business Constraints


Two weeks ago we were in Orlando Florida exhibiting at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions trade show. (IAAPA)

There we imported a 3 level, KristallTurm Mikro aerial adventure tower and showcased it to attendees and the public.

It was well received with hundreds of guests climbing over it and a lucky owner purchasing it for a spectacular location in North Carolina.

Click here to see the IAAPA tower and a fun interview.

An IAAPA highlight for the KristallTurm aerial ropes course team is having the opportunity to meet and sit down with savvy business owners.

Owners serious about innovating and investing in the long term success of their business.

We also had the opportunity to meet with visionaries carving out remarkable, large scale, billion dollar projects.

Different people, different businesses, yet all facing the same two critical challenges across the board.

The two critical challenges faced by the entrepreneurs we met with are innovation and marketing.

Smash these critical constraints and you are safely on the path to the long term success of your business.

Your job as a business owner and entrepreneur is to innovate and market your business in order to survive.

From our viewpoint this is what makes the ultimate entrepreneur and what sets great business apart from average businesses.

We live in an age where  we not only need to be entrepreneurial.

But we need to be resourceful and constantly look to add value.

Tons of value!

Take Steve jobs for example.

Many years ago, when Steve rejoined Apple,  what did he create to really differentiate Apple and create raving fans?

He reentered the competitive PC market, but this time with with a candy colored computer.

Remember those?

Well the rest is history.

All along the way Apple innovated and then the “i” entered into our vernacular.

I’m now typing this blog on an iPhone at 30,000 ft and 73% of you will be reading this on an iPhone, iPad, or iMac,.. anyways, you get it.

An incredible example of innovation and marketing.

We now live in an age where the only way you can successfully compete is by constantly adding more value.

However in order to solve the value puzzle we must ask some tough questions.

Questions like.

Who is my ultimate customer/client and what do they want and need from me?

(Remember, customers go away and clients stay.)

How do I blow them away with more value then they could ever imagine and create a raving fan?

Successful resorts, theme parks and camp grounds create clients.

Often lifelong, multi-generational clients.

Look at Disney and the mega parks around Orlando.

Families return again and again because of the experience and the intrinsic value in the experience.

So ask yourself.

How do I create clients and raving fans out of my customers going forward?

Here at KristallTurm we are in the business of helping our clients create unforgettable experiences and raving fans.

Your challenge as an entrepreneur and business owner  is to always innovate and keep, maintain, perpetuate and sustain your client.

Kinda like a great marriage right?

So where and what is the hole in your marketplace?

What are your customers and future clients looking for?

Know their psychological and emotional needs better then they do and you win.

Now how do you become the go to destination for adventure and fun in 2016 and beyond?

How do you leverage your asset and investment like a Swiss Army Knife and add massive value to your market?

If you have not yet explored the geometric potential of owning  and profiting from a KristallTurm aerial adventure park.

Click here for a demonstration of our Profitability calculator.

30 minutes spent together will show you why our 18 KristallTurm owners make money and create raving fans and clients out of their customers and how you can too.

More soon.

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