New Tower Install- Castle Rock Zip Line Tours and KristallTurm Construction Update

 Our Latest Aerial Adventure Tower.

12 days ago, on April 26, 2016 we started the installation of the first 50 foot mast for the Castle Rock Zip Line Tours KT90. Weighing approximately 1.5 tonnes.  Each mast arrived in sections, was assembled on site, 3 platforms were attached and the entire mast hoisted carefully into position.

Today, Saturday May 7th, we completed the 10,000 sq ft. superstructure with the installation of the 18th and final 50 foot mast. This is a massive achievement, given the weather challenges we’ve encountered onsite.

During this 12 day period, we encountered weather from a fierce and sudden snow storm, depositing 2 feet of snow, to electrical storms, hail, rain and scorching days. Faced with all types of weather, our team hunkered down and got the job done!

Check out the images below.

Castle Rock Construction April-May 2016

This week our mobile 51 foot workshop arrived on site and has received a lot of attention with its beautiful graphics . This travelling billboard will be criss-crossing the United States over the next few months.

Keep an eye out for it and if you do see it, please tag us on our social media channels via the hashtag #ktclimberfun.

Don’t forget to tell us where you saw it!

The next stages of construction include the addition of the 90 climbing elements, strung out over 3 levels. The Castle Rock Zip Line Extreme Adventure Tower is the first KristallTurm tower worldwide, featuring climbing elements inspired by the American Ninja Warrior TV show. With 90 climbing elements in total, 30 per level plus a 19 element children’s course. This tower is going to be, in the words of its owner, Ty Seufer. “Epic and extreme!”

kristallturm mobile billboard

‘The KristallTurm install crew perform their ‘haka’ to welcome the new mobile workshop.’

Every KristallTurm tower is unique. Just like its location and owner(s). No two towers are the same.

Each tower has custom be-spoke elements designed around a theme or directive given by the owner. For the KristallTurm KT90 tower in Franklin TN, the theme was “Country Music.” For the KristallTurm Mini tower in Indiana, the theme was “Inspiration.” The theme for the KristallTurm KT90 tower in Castle Rock CO is “Epic Adventure.”

This tower will feature elements that include a ski-bridge, snow board obstacle, white water raft experience, cruiser bike balance beam, and lots, lots more..

Aerial Adventure tower construction CO

‘Day 12 – 18 masts installed.’

Want to see more photos from the Castle Rock CO site?

Click here to see our Facebook feed. These images are updated daily.

The KristallTurm team will be in Nashville TN from the 18th of May till the 21st exhibiting at the North America Ski Area Association annual conference. (NSAA). From there we head to Castle Rock CO for the opening of the Castle Rock Zip Line Tours, Epic Aerial Adventure Tower.

If you or your team have a project in mind, give us a call to see what is possible and let’s meet. With more installations soon to be announced, our catalog of elements is expanding exponentially, placing KristallTurm North America squarely at the leading edge of design, innovation and aerial adventure park excellence.

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