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KristallTurm® North America is the exclusive distributor, manufacturer, installer and licensee of the KristallTurm® technology.

We are a diverse team of adventurers turned adventure makers delivering our unique aerial ropes course technology to your location, anywhere in North America.

KristallTurm® is a member of the following organisations:

 The Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT)

Supplier Member to the National Ski Area Association (NSAA)

General Inquiry

For all Investment and Purchase enquiries please contact Alexander Moir.   Direct: 604-389-8042                                                                                              Book a call:

KristallTurm® North America Team

PO BOX 3023, Garibaldi Highlands, BC – V0N1T0, Canada

Alexander Moir
Sales and Marketing
+1 604-389-8042

JP – Jean-Philippe Tondreau

Mark da Costa

NSAA Supplier Member

NSAA supplier