Done in 240 seconds.. See a KristallTurm® installed in under 4 mins

KT 90 install – Moscow — Jan 2015

In a second, you will click on the link and see how 1 KristallTurm® Tower with 3 levels, 90 elements, (10 custom and exclusive), 18 hot-dip galvanized steel tube posts, 36 external platforms, 1 main platform on the third level and stairs and railings, was built in -20C or -05F weather!

This install was our first for the year (2015). The approximate dimensions of this structure are 28 meters by 32 meters by 15 meters high. (92’ x 105’ x 50’).

We recently completed a KT90 install in the month of June in Cuba began the SOAR Adventure Tower in July, and we start another installation in Indiana in August.

Our European team was equally as busy, with a recent install in Norway and right this very minute, one underway in Switzerland. This brings our total number of KristallTurm® parks worldwide to eighteen.

If you are considering adding an Aerial Ropes Course to your business, contact us to learn what is possible for you before making any decision.

Our production and install schedule is booking up fast for 2016 and client’s fortunate enough to lock in pricing and production, they will be launching their adventure parks in the spring of 2016. We have additional exciting news and announcements to make of new clients and locations in the United States later this month.

Make no mistake, if your business needs more revenue and a unique and iconic structure to stay ahead of competition, go ahead and contact us to explore what’s possible.

In the meantime, please see our Moscow installation here.

Or visit the Facebook page of our KristallTurm® Nashville, client and see video footage of the installation here.

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