Kristallturm’s Extension-Line Ropes Course

Kristall Turm Mini in Mission, Texas.

Kristallturm’s Extension-Line Ropes Course

How Our Latest Expandable Product Line Can Benefit You!

Considering making an addition to your family entertainment center, ski resort, or attraction park in 2017? Is a high ropes aerial adventure course on your list?

We’d like to introduce you to our newest range of KristallTurm expandable ropes courses called ‘The Extension-Line,’ which is 100% designed and manufactured in North America.

Why Is The Extension-Line Ropes Course Important?

Given the number of ropes course vendors on the market and product choices, it can be confusing to make a decision as to what aerial ropes course best suits your needs.

Modular Design – The KristallTurm Extension-Line ropes course was engineered to solve this challenge. Our modular ropes courses are designed and engineered to expand as your business grows. This expandable ropes course design reduces the risk of excessive capital outlay or hoping and crossing your fingers your investment performs.

After a busy year in the market and speaking and consulting with clients across Canada and the United States, KristallTurm North America recognized this significant gap in the adventure ropes course market. This gap had the potential to put some projects at risk if not properly attended to.

Expandable Business Model – The gap we recognized was the inability for clients to expand their business if locked into product choices that do not accommodate future expandability or flexibility. Some projects we consulted on were challenged by the uncertainty of traffic, consumer response, product appeal, and the clients were negatively geared given these uncertainties and investment costs.

Growth Certainty – With a solid, proven reputation for quality, safety, throughput, and appeal, the KristallTurm engineers redesigned our modular aerial ropes product line to be adaptable and flexible to client needs and budget. Our goal was to eliminate the uncertainty of investing in an aerial ropes course with the certainty of knowing that any KristallTurm product choice now has the ability to expand and grow as client revenues grows.

Hence our new high ropes aerial adventure course product name: The Extension-Line

Sunset over Mission, Texas. KristallTurm Mini.

From growth came our new product name: “The Extension-Line.”


We started with our 4-pole, 20-element Mikro ropes course tower, which is capable of delivering a ‘wow’ adventure to 30 simultaneous guests. The Mikro expandable ropes course can now be enlarged into:

  • 7 pole Mini Tower (3 additional poles)
  • 10 pole Midi Tower
  • 13 pole Maxi Tower

As well, we increased the capacity of our towers from 3 platform levels to 4 platform levels without changing the aerial park’s height. This 33% increase in throughput means more adventure, more fun and more revenue.

The guest throughput scales accordingly:

  • From 30 guests
  • To 60 guests
  • To 100 guests
  • To 120 simultaneous guests

The number of adventure elements also scales from 20 to 48 to 76 to 104.

Because of this scalability you can now choose an aerial ropes course that best suits your current budget. This means with future growth and revenue you can scale, without the massive upfront investment or fear hoping it will work out or people will come.

First three extension line products

Mikro, Mini and Midi


Our consultative market diagnostic process is designed to achieve a number of successful outcomes for each client. This process includes deciding on:

  • Which aerial ropes tower will best suit your needs and why.
  • What adventure elements from our comprehensive catalog will best suit your target client and why.
  • What extra activities including tru blu jump, closed loop zip line, and vertical climbing elements you may want to consider and why.
  • The extra value and leverage you can squeeze from any of the adventure towers and how.
  • How a viewing platform or canopy can benefit your location and why.


We start by having a proper meaningful conversation taking into account your project goals, budget, site, permits, topography, team, time frame, and ability. Otherwise, you may find yourself making a decision without knowing the potential roadblocks or pitfalls. These potential blind spots can seriously impact the successful outcome of your investment and it is why we created the Extension-Line, to help people make a better-educated decision.


If you are considering investing in an aerial ropes course. We welcome you to download our latest aerial ropes course Extension-Line catalog with images of our latest adventure tower in Mission, Texas. This tower features our newest canopy design.

If you would like to speak with our team about our modular aerial ropes course design, please call 1-604-722-0764, send us an email or click here to schedule a call.

We look forward to having a meaningful conversation about your project goals and how the aerial ropes course Extension-Line can help you.

For additional information about KristallTurm North America visit

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