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KristallTurm® North America – Aerial Parks and Ropes Courses.

KristallTurm North America

Serving the United States and Canada, KristallTurm® North America manufactures, distributes, installs, and licenses modular aerial adventure parks and high ropes courses.

Our expandable aerial ropes course technology was developed through a unique collaboration of talented adventure makers who were first and foremost, adventure seekers.

Aerial Ropes Course for Sale –
Ownership Starts Here

You can imagine, with 30 highly distinct KristallTurm® modular adventure courses now installed in 10 different countries around the world, we get asked a lot of questions by prospective clients and people just like you, who are looking to purchase or invest in an aerial ropes course.

Many future owners of our KristallTurm® modular adventure parks ask the same question, “What do I need to ensure the aerial ropes course will be a success?”

The formula is simple…it is:

  • Your vision
  • Combined with an accessible population of greater than 150,000
  • PLUS available land and capital

And because our high ropes courses and adventure parks are modular, they are also expandable, ensuring future growth and improved ROI!

Download the documents you need
to make an informed decision!
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KristallTurm Gives You
the Support You Need

The good news is, our KristallTurm team is always here for you including helping you with all the details like your:

  • Business plan
  • Financing options
  • Connecting you with the professional services you’ll need
  • Assistance with your ‘Grand Opening’
  • Plus ongoing continued support

Let us show you how you can own your own market by buying a KristallTurm® aerial adventure park!

  1. Read our KristallTurm® Unique Business Value, for a deeper understanding of the KristallTurm® aerial adventure park opportunity.
  2. Download our latest brochure to see stunning pictures of our locations, add on aerial activities, and what’s possible for your KristallTurm® adventure tower.

Discover the many benefits and unique investment opportunity of a KristallTurm® aerial adventure park. Visit our About Us page to find out more about our unique aerial adventure park company.

Thank you for your interest in our unique and iconic, European designed and engineered, Aerial Ropes Course Technology. For more information or to speak with our team, call 1-604-389-8042 or send us an email.


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KRISTALLTURM® Unique Business Value

High Rope Courses – Benefits

Visit our KristallTurm® Unique Business Value page for more information on our aerial adventure parks and high ropes courses including:

  • Excellent ROI
    High ropes courses engineered for maximum efficiency, protected territory, and excellent re-sale value.
  • Small footprint operation system
    Modular design requires only 92’x 105′ x 50′ (28 x 32 x 15 meters) and can fit most any topography.
  • Less than 5 staff needed
    Even to operate the largest adventure tower (120 maximum patrons).
  • Low High Ropes Course Maintenance
    Engineered to withstand extreme weather (won’t rust or corrode).
  • Expandable and Modular adventure park design
    3 standard sizes that can be customized for additional revenue streams.
  • Excellent safety record
    All our aerial adventure parks surpass European TUV and US ASTM safety standards (0 serious injuries in 10 years!).
  • Large market audience appeal
    High ropes courses suitable for all ages with beginner to expert level segregation.
  • Tourist magnet operation
    Aerial adventure parks can be placed indoors, outdoors, in city centres, or at resorts…endless possibilities.
  • Media magnet
    So different and so 100% unique, our high ropes courses are at once an adventure park and an architectural marvel that attracts a lot of media attention.
  • Additional revenue opportunities
    From event bookings, video and photo opps, and merchandise, to add-on adventure activities like zip lining and the “Big Swing,” KristallTurm provides plenty of opportunities for generating additional revenue and improved ROI!

To find out more or to speak with our team about applying to purchase your own KristallTurm aerial adventure park, please contact us online, send us an email, or call Alexander at 1-604-389-8042.

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