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KristallTurm® Product Suite

KristallTurm® Mikro Ropes Course

This is the smallest available KristallTurm® aerial ropes course system, built in the shape of a diamond with up to three levels of adventure activities with space for up to 20 guests. The required investment and ropes course management costs are reduced considerably through the low adventure park footprint of just 8m x 14m. Like all of our ropes course systems, you can expand the KristallTurm® Mikro ropes course at any time - from adding another pole to expanding to the large aerial ropes course system. The KristallTurm® Mikro is particularly well suited for expanding the offering of existing locations, such as climbing gyms, hotels, or shopping centres. Thanks to its short setup times, the KristallTurm® Mikro ropes course can also be installed temporarily for large events.

KristallTurm® Mini Ropes Course

The KristallTurm® Mini aerial ropes course offers space for up to 50 guests on two to three levels, making it the ideal solution for smaller sites. The lower number of climbing stations and smaller adventure park footprint of 14m x 16m translate into lower ropes course management costs and a smaller investment for you. Later on, you can retrofit and/or expand this modular adventure park system into a large KristallTurm® ropes course or a custom intermediate layout. KristallTurm® North America can also integrate an event platform here, just like on the large KristallTurm® ropes course, so that we can actually install a fourth level. Thanks to the creatively themed climbing elements and adventure activities, the KristallTurm® Mini ropes course also becomes an exceptional tourist attraction.

KristallTurm® 90 Aerial Adventure Park

The modular, crystal shaped, space-saving design of KristallTurm® aerial adventure parks are highly efficient and safe. This full KristallTurm® ropes course system (with 2 to 4 levels) has a relatively small footprint requiring only 1000m2 of space and can accommodate up to 160 climbing guests. It only takes 4 or 5 people to operate the entire ropes course system and since there is “no fixed course,” there are no line-ups and less congestion; customers are free to choose their own course allowing them to go at their own pace and have more fun! With such an efficient system and with better ropes course utilization, your ROI is also better, so everyone benefits! As an aerial adventure park manufacturer, KristallTurm® North America is also able to customize your new ropes course, so you can help design the adventure activities and climbing elements that you want for your customers. This customization also includes building the high ropes course around your preferred theme, motto, or some other local reference. Plus, the modular design allows for future expansion and future possible revenue streams. All our KristallTurm® aerial adventure parks are built to meet or exceed the highest quality and safety standards of the US ASTM and the European TÜV Süd. What are the many unique selling points for investors and owner operators of KristallTurm® adventure parks? Large cross-market appeal, excellent ROI, low ropes course maintenance, granted patent, and the flexibility for indoor or outdoor installations; everything you need to guarantee your success!

KristallTurm® Full Colour Brochure

This KristallTurm®ropes course brochure has 27 pages of spectacular adventure park pictures with plenty of product information to guide you. Read vital information about additional attractions, add-on adventure activities, additional ropes course elements, and playgrounds, plus our services, testimonials, and industry partners.

KristallTurm® Additional Activities/Add Ons

See what's possible for your tower. 
Additional revenue opportunities are abundant on the KristallTurm® ropes course system. Aside from ticket sales, additional revenue can be generated through 'Event' bookings and merchandise plus, add-on ropes course elements like a Zip Line (Single or Dual), the Quick Jump, Giant Swing, Pamper Pole, Climbing Walls, and more.  

KristallTurm® Foundation Layout

View our KristallTurm® adventure park foundation layout for the KT-90 aerial ropes course tower with an overview of the dimensions and space required for your future KristallTurm® ropes course system.

KristallTurm® Foundation Loads

The examples of our KristallTurm® adventure park single load cases are based on storm load, traffic load, and remarks to the foundation loads.