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You are here because you are SERIOUS about SUCCESS and understand the importance of time to market, due diligence, exclusivity and rapid ROI.

KristallTurm® aerial ropes course may be exactly what you are looking for.

Before you read ‘the concrete steps to success’ below, chances are you are a business owner, a developer, a C level executive, or simply an entrepreneur and visionary dissatisfied with your level of success.

Someone open to a new and proven concept.

We invite you to check out and discover the uniqueness of our KristallTurm High Ropes Course Extension Line Suite!

Who Is Kristallturm® North America?

KristallTurm® North America is the exclusive distributor, manufacturer, installer and licensee of the KristallTurm® high ropes course technology for any location in the United States or Canada.

We are a diverse team of adventurers turned adventure makers delivering our unique aerial ropes course technology to your location, anywhere in North America.

The Extreme Sports Era

Perhaps you’re familiar with the impact that Adventure racing, Extreme sports, Fitness races and CrossFit have unleashed on society and the media over the past 10 years?

Red Bull, X Games, American Ninja Warrior and others have now made this a billion-dollar industry and there’s much more still.

Imagine the feeling of knowing your KristallTurm® aerial ropes course is going to capitalize on this trend with a high return on investment, while avoiding the pitfalls found on other adventure parks. (We speak from hands on experience having owned 3 tree-top parks in Europe.)

Limited Availability

How would it feel to be that exclusive owner … owning your own market? And don’t forget, your unique KristallTurm® modular adventure park comes with a protected area radius if available.

Furthermore, your KristallTurm® aerial ropes course is where lasting life-long memories will be forged thanks to its iconic crystal shape structure and magnetic appeal – imagine, no congestion, no line-ups, and smooth, easy flow through traffic with up to 160 guests at once! This we know from 10 years of operation in 10 countries and now 30 locations.

Your KristallTurm® high ropes course is the jungle gym for everyone, of all ages!

Take Concrete Steps To Success

Our mission is to have a conversation with you.

THE person who wants to be the first to deliver the benefits (and reap the rewards) by installing our expandable KristallTurm® aerial adventure park and high ropes course in your area.

Let us show you how to capitalize and profit from your KristallTurm® high ropes course investment.

If this sounds like you, we both know we need to have a conversation.

If you are a fit, we will walk you through our entire investment process, from concept design and customization, to manufacturing, installation and operation!

This Includes:

  • A customized revenue calculator specific to your goals, your market, your season, traffic count and capital.
  • A review of the KristallTurm® high ropes course product suite and investment (You will be surprised).
  • A review of the operational expenses found on other KristallTurm® adventure park installations.
  • A review of the install timeline, the professionals you will need to hire, and the resources you’ll need to fulfill construction.
  • A review of your project/dream/vision and where we can be of additional benefit to expedite your success.

The truth is there is a lot to learn and discover!

So here’s how this works:

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