Aerial Park Exceeds Expectations

Aerial Park Exceeds Expectations


Happy Summer to you!

Snow Valley Ski Club in Edmonton, Canada recently opened its Aerial Park to visitors and local residents. Feedback from their Management team is overwhelming. Below are some key information about their business.

What revenues are possible?

In addition to their individual tickets, Snow Valley have been booking Corporate Groups and Birthday Parties.

All sectors are exceeding projections.

Since opening a month ago they have welcomed an average of 950 individuals each week. Ticket prices in the US are between $40 and $45 per person.

Bookings for Corporate Groups and Birthday parties are drawing equally positive attention. Team building and other programs lay the foundation for these events.

With 109 elements to choose from the feedback is “overwhelmingly positive for return visits.”

This is before camping season really begins.

Birthday Parties, Corporate Groups and Food and Beverage

Filling the quiet periods in business group bookings are a valuable addition to the core revenues of sunny weekends and holidays.

Active climbers are hungry climbers — food and beverage is an easy sell with a high margin.

Vending machines are the simplest, and full service restaurants are not unheard of. Our newest site in Peekskill, New York has plans for a Microbrewery.

With seven parks in North America we can offer you insight into the potential for profitability based on the success of our owners and operators.

Our profitability calculator outlines a typical year of operation.

Simply make a time here and we will reach out to work with you in evaluating your site.

It’s an exciting time to be in this new and growing industry. With three installs in Summer/Fall 2017 we are filling spots for the remainder of 2017 and early 2018 now.

Looking forward to bringing your vision to life!


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