KristallTurm congratulates Snow Valley Ski Hill, Edmonton, Canada.

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KristallTurm are proud to announce our first 2017 install and our first Canadian tower install.

Purchased by the Snow Valley Ski Hill in Edmonton, Canada earlier this year. The KristallTurm aerial adventure park was produced and shipped to the Snow Valley site for installation and a grand opening scheduled for May 2017.

After four years of due diligence and research, the executive team and board of the Snow Valley Ski Hill decided to invest with KristallTurm, as our tower and business model ticked a multitude of boxes deemed critical to the success of their project.

  • Preserve: Respect, Protect, and Promote the Natural Environment
  • Stewardship: Responsible and Feasible Design
  • Recreational Opportunities: Promote a Year round Active Lifestyle
  • Needs of Guests and Community: Creating a Safe and Enjoyable Place
  • Partnership: Working with the City, Schools and other Groups

Once the idea of an aerial adventure park was achieved, the executive and board wanted an aerial adventure park that would deliver a unique, memorable user experience. An aerial adventure park capable of high throughput, multiple levels, small footprint, exceptional safety, low operating costs and custom elements. They also wanted peace of mind from an asset they could dispose of or liquidate, if necessary. In order to recapture their capital investment.

The KristallTurm KT90 met all of these criteria.

Like many ski hills and resorts across North America impacted by climate change and fluctuating winters. The Snow Valley Ski Hill knew it had to take action and  diversify in order to sustain and develop current operations. With shorter ski seasons and the bills remaining constant or increasing, the executive and the board looked to alternative and innovative means to leverage their known asset base and generate revenue.  Not having suitable trees nor wanting to erect a wooden pole structure they would be encumbered with, the executive and board chose KristallTurm.


In operation since 1947, the Snow Valley Ski Hill is a ski area familiar to thousands of Edmontonians. It is where generations of Edmonton skiers learn to ski. The site, accessible and visible from the highway is situated in a beautiful river valley setting and is close to the downtown heart of Edmonton. All key attributes for an investment like a modular aerial adventure park.

With a healthy guest/customer/skier base, who know, like and trust the family ski centre. A survey was conducted where 89.9% of 182 respondents supported the project. After considerable negotiations, KristallTurm North America was awarded the contract and we began immediately to design the park and incorporate features, exclusive and unique to the Snow Valley Adventure Park. Upon design approval, production commenced and the masts, platforms, elements and other components were delivered to the site.

Now ready for installation in the Spring of 2017, KristallTurm North America congratulates the executive and the board of the Snow Valley Ski Hill. With your recent city council approval, we are excited to deliver our world class aerial adventure experience to the citizens of and visitors to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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