Nashville SOAR Adventure Tower. Opening on August 15th 2015.

Meet Kevin Vanderkolk.  KristallTurm® client and owner of the Nashville SOAR Adventure Tower. Opening Saturday, August 15th 2015.


We recently exhibited at a Ski Industry Trade Show.

We got to meet with ski industry legends, CEO’s, VP’s and Op’s managers. People used to calculating risk, mitigating risk, and delivering an incredible experience while making money. 

They were all impressed and amazed by the safety, the design, the durability and revenue capabilities of the KristallTurm® product.

However, the biggest attraction for these decision makers was the fact that the KristallTurm® structure is an asset.

 What I mean by this is your KristallTurm® is not a liability like a permanent wooden pole structure. What the CEO’s and CFO’s loved about our value proposition was the angle only people concerned with profit worry about most. RISK!

You see, the good news to these “C” Level execs was if the location does not work, they could move the structure to a new site or sell it as a turnkey business. This means they mitigate the risk of massive capital loss and everyone knows how crucial this is to any important investment decision.

This critical factor was one of the reasons our friend and KristallTurm® client Kevin Vanderkolk (aka Bango) chose to invest with KristallTurm®.

 Kevin was THE professional mascot Bango for the Milwaulkee Bucks for many years. A former gymnast, Kevin loved his job and always delivered 150% each and every game.

We are proud to have Kevin join our team as the owner of the Nashville SOAR Adventure Tower and one of the major perks of being associated with KristallTurm®, is we get to meet the coolest people. People like Kevin Vanderkolk and people like you!

Click on this link  to see Kevin performing a 20ft backflip as Bango and please visit Kevin’s website and social media links to learn more about his Grand Opening on Saturday, August the 15th 2015.

The KristallTurm® team will be on hand at the Nashville SOAR Adventure Tower Grand Opening and if you have any interest in owning a KristallTurm® and can meet us on Saturday the 15th or Sunday 16th, please contact us via this website to arrange a site tour.

Two of the questions we got asked at the trade show was.

“So how big is the KristallTurm®?”

“How big is the one going into Nashville?”

To see the answer. Please visit Kevin’s SOAR Adventure website and social media link and see what’s possible for you!

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