One Investment…
 Multiple Events.

A question we get asked every week is: “What type of events are popular on your towers?”

Here’s what this post is all about.

Integrating the event platform as a core feature of the KristallTurm® experience results in outstanding and memorable events for owners and guests. The event platform is a sales and marketing magnet and progressive and successful companies book events on our towers.

If this sounds too good to be true, look at these photos of recent events. You may even recognize some brands.

 Events compliment daily ticket sales and add significant revenue to our towers featuring the event platform. The event platform(s) can be found on the “Mini” or “KT 90” models as featured in the photos.

These events range from weddings, birthdays, civic events, corporate events, team building events, special needs events, dance parties, corporate retreats, black tie dinners, star gazing camp-outs, kids camp retreats and more.

Not to mention, events are one example of additional revenue streams generated via a KristallTurm® investment. Here again a competitive advantage and unique business value of the KristallTurm® is asset utilization.

Simply put, asset utilization is leveraging your KristallTurm® asset by creating value, generating multiple revenue streams and attracting and keeping customers. As you’ve seen from our website, your KristallTurm® can also integrate the following attractions to further engage your customers, wow them with adventure value and add more revenue to your bottom line.

Additional attractions include: Zip lines, Quick Jump Free Fall, Giant Swing, Pamper pole, Toddlers Course (2-5 years) and more. Visit our gallery here.

You can see why before making any investment decision it’s important to review what’s possible.

Obviously go ahead and download our latest brochure or download our report on the “7 Keys to Ropes Course ROI.”

If you want to book a comprehensive strategy session, where we take into account your business vision, your location, your traffic, season and more. Go ahead and contact us here.

After all, you want to be sure you make the best possible decision.

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