Turn Your Summer Business Dream Into Reality 

Does your business suffer from the off-season slump? Looking to fill a hole in your offer? There’s a powerful movement ahead, as winter resorts diversify summer operations -- to increase revenue and drive year-round stability. One option for you is an aerial park. Imagine putting your resort on the summer map, driving ROI by delivering memorable and unique experiences for visitors. Are you ready to take a leap forward?

Delight Customers and Grow Your Business with KristallTurm® Aerial Parks

Re-Create The Success Seen by Current Owners  

Our state-of-the-art parks deliver low operations costs, repeat visits and volume that will see your summer business soar.

Snow Valley created this Drone footage from the launch of their park to the media. Since then, over 16 000 people have bought tickets. Additionally, there have been corporate and school groups purchasing team building and other event packages, further leveraging the tower.

What to think about when evaluating your investment:

  • Minimal staffing needs: our largest park requires just five staff for 150 guests. A 1:30 ratio.
  • Low maintenance costs: No pumps, engines or moving parts. 
  • Repeat business: multiple skill levels keeps the experience fresh.
  • Safe: Foolproof choose-your-own adventure safety system "Clic-It" puts guests in the driver seat.
  • Small operating footprint: A full range of sizes for any business.
  • Fun for the whole family: Broad market appeal and low barriers to entry for all ages and skill levels. Not too difficult or expensive.  

Our Extension-Line of products will grow with your business. Click here to see the benefits.

Aerial Parks: Take Your Summer Business to New Heights

Get ahead of the competitors in your area. Invest in an Aerial Park today.

“With Americans looking to take advantage of the summer weather to explore the great outdoors, TripAdvisor data shows that attractions in nature are climbing to the top of the trend index this season.” - Brooke Ferencsik, Senior Director of Communications for TripAdvisor.  

The popularity of Aerial Parks is growing quickly in North America. In fact, TripAdvisor listed two Aerial Parks operations in its Seasonal Attractions Trend Index for 2017, which ranks American attractions with rising search queries on the platform.  

Aerial Parks deliver fun for the whole family and are equally as exhilarating as they are accessible. 

The choose-your-own-adventure approach ensures there’s something for everyone, keeping guests entertained and challenged as they explore quirky and fun features that vary in difficulty and skill. That means happy customers, repeat business and some great TripAdvisor reviews too!  

Increasingly, Family Entertainment Centers and Ski Resorts are looking to Aerial Parks to create adventure-filled experiences for their summer guests. Safety, small operating footprints, low maintenance requirements and broader market appeal make Aerial Parks an enticing option from other popular summer operations, such as mountain biking.  

At KristallTurm® we don’t just build world-renowned Aerial Parks, we own and operate them too. And, we’re bringing the value back to our clients by sharing our learnings. Be the first in your region to get a head start on Aerial Parks. Ask us how to get started.  

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Snow Valley Ski Club installed a KristallTurm® – KT90 Aerial Park structure this spring in May 20, 2017.  

We have been very pleased with the entire product and their team. KristallTurm® North America has been very supportive and professional throughout the entire process, from purchase to operations. Our City of Edmonton, Alberta has embraced this adventure experience overwhelmingly with over 16,000 visitors in 3 months.  

We are able to offer year-round employment for our winter seasonal staff and for a ski area that struggles seasonally, to be sustainable with winters of late, this has been a huge asset for our business.  

We are rated on TripAdvisor to be the #2 attraction in Edmonton. We are very happy with our decision to purchase a Park from KristallTurm®.”  

- Shawn Balog, General Manager, Snow Valley Ski Club in Edmonton 

There are now 8 Parks in North America, 30+ Worldwide. To open your park in Spring 2018, plan on 18 weeks for production, delivery and assembly.  

About KristallTurm® North America


KristallTurm® North America is a manufacturer and supplier of Aerial Parks to the USA and Canada. 

We’ve leveraged state-of-the-art design and engineering to help operators build 30+ Aerial Parks around the world; now partnering with at The Factory, to be North America’s largest Family Entertainment Centre. Opening January 2018.  


Operating Our Own Park - Rope Runner Squamish

In 2017, KristallTurm® used our cutting edge technology and innovation to open our own Aerial Park in our home town of Squamish, Canada. With this move, we’re now able to provide our clients with support on all aspects of the park, from design and assembly through to operation.  

Ski resorts, family entertainment centers, city parks and more will benefit from the inclusion of an aerial park. Get in touch with our team to learn more about how Aerial Parks can delight your guests, diversify summer operations, and ultimately, increase revenue streams.  

Visitors enjoying the high flying picnic table at Rope Runner
Rope Runner staff ready for action