The Anatomy of a KristallTurm KT90 Install – Castle Rock CO.

The Steps To Installing A KristallTurm KT90

Aerial Trekking Tower

Given it’s now a month since the Grand Opening of our latest KristallTurm KT90 tower in Castle Rock, Colorado. We wanted to share some insights with you and explain the steps, processes and time involved to achieve this successful install. Take a minute to see the latest photos plus read reviews from what guests had to say about their experience at this tower and at the SOAR Adventure Tower, in Franklin TN.

Element images KristallTurm

Design and Factory Build

 Production of a KristallTurm KT90, the product referenced in this post, requires 3-4 months to build. The 90 climbing elements, and 19 children’s course elements are hand built by KristallTurm North America in Squamish, BC, Canada. Once a “theme” is chosen by the client, we get to work to build out the elements including 10 Bespoke, or custom elements unique to the client site. In the case of Epic Sky Trek Tower in Castle Rock Co, the theme was “Epic Adventure.”  The elements or games on the tower included American Ninja Warrior games, a white water rafting bridge, a snow board bridge, ski bridge, scenic climbing panels, and many more. The theme for the SOAR Adventure Tower was “Music City” where the fun musical elements continue to deliver a  memorable and unique brand experience.

KristallTurm Truck

Once the elements, plus steel and wood components are fabricated, they are packed into 5 – 40ft dry box shipping containers and trucked to the client site. In parallel with the production process, the client pursues the permitting process and prepares the site for foundations.


With permits in place and a date set to commence foundation work, one of the responsibilities as a client is to ensure the hired foundation contractors and equipment arrive on time and perform the job with pin-point accuracy. KristallTurm supply the detailed engineered drawings, foundation loads and instructions. With the site prepped, foundations dug, concrete poured and anchors set. Curing time sets in. During this time, the containers arrive, the contents are unloaded and the site prepared for the tower build.

Foundation images KristallTurm

Site Build

Pre- construction is approximately 1 week and here the masts, walkways and platforms are assembled onsite by KristallTurm. Connector poles, compression posts and tensile rods are neatly stacked and laid out and access to and around the tower is established for arrival of the crane. Client responsibilities include the hiring of a suitable crane and driver for the task of the tower erection. KristallTurm guides the client regarding the best type of crane for the build. Once the crane is on site, building begins and in the case of the Epic Sky Trek Tower, the first mast was raised during a snow-storm!

A KT90 tower comprises of two circles. An inner ring and outer ring. Tower construction occurs from the inner ring – outwards. The six inner 50ft masts went up in 3 days followed by the walkways, stairs and platforms. Our riggers are all IRATA certified rope access professionals who climb up and down all day with incredible skill and finesse. Once the inner ring is completed, the outer ring of twelve 50ft masts are then lifted into placed, secured and connected by connector poles, compression posts and tensile rods. This entire process took an incredible 11 days.

Site build KristallTurm

Viewing Platform

With the tower assembled and the “big pieces” in place, construction begins on the top viewing platform. One of the many benefits of the KristallTurm KT90, is depending on the site, we can customize where and on what level the viewing platform will go. In the case of the Flumserberg site in Switzerland and given the incredible 360 degree views surrounding the tower, the focus was placed on the immediate “climber action”.

For this reason, the viewing platform was situated on the second level so guests could watch the action directly overhead. In the case of the SOAR Adventure tower and the Epic Sky Trek Tower, the decision was made to place the viewing platform on the third level to gain more height and amplify the surrounding view for guests.


The 109 elements are attached to and suspended from the tower by steel ropes. These steel ropes are in turn fixed by a series of small, medium or large connector plates attached directly to the masts. Every single steel item is galvanized, including the steel ropes. Each nut and bolt is torqued then doubled checked to our rigorous German engineering design standards, then marked for visual inspection.

The elements are laid out in a meticulous configuration of Green (easy) Blue (medium) Black (hard) Double Black (expert) courses. (The grading standards used on North American ski areas.) We work very closely with each client to achieve maximum value and guest experience. This also accounts for our very high repeat customer rate and membership success.

Our goal is to WOW your customer and with popular culture infatuated with TV shows like “American Ninja Warrior” or fitness pursuits like “Cross Fit,” we design many of our elements and games to replicate and deliver those unique end user experiences. After 11 days of rigorous work, the elements were installed, the tensile rods tightened and the entire structure was torqued and locked into place to the static capacity for the site. In the case of the Epic Sky Trek Tower, it is designed to withstand winds up to 115mph and heavy snow loads

KristallTurm Details


With the elements ready, the tower torqued and locked into place, final checks and testing commences to ensure everything delivers exactly what it’s designed to do. Local fire, city and state inspectors, civil engineer and ASTM inspectors all perform their due diligence for compliance.

Concluding inspection we commence with a week of staff training to get the client’s team certified in the operation and procedures of the tower.

Every KristallTurm North America KT90 complies with the following codes: EN 1556-1, ACCT, and ASTM F2959. (Relative to the 2012 International Building Code (IBC), the Aerial Trekking Tower is classified as a special amusement building, occupancy A5, amusement group- amusement park structures, type of construction VB.)

Our ability to pass the highest standards ensures you have a structure and amusement attraction capable of delivering a high-value and unique end user experience. It also accounts for our impeccable safety record of approximately 2 million guests on 20+ towers over 10 years and 10 countries.

The KT90 has a capacity of 120 guests simultaneously without line-ups, while requiring 4-5 trainers to facilitate and manage guest safety.

Here is a guest description from a recent Trip Advisor 5-star review: Great design with 3 options at every platform. This design dramatically reduces waiting time to almost never. We did our first aerial adventure park last year and waited 5 to 15 minutes on many platforms. Highly recommend to people of all ages.”


A total of 28 days, from the day of the first mast being raised to the final inspection and approval on May 23 was realised. During these 28 days we encountered 2 substantial snow storms and the subsequent challenges they provided.  The grand opening of the Epic Sky Trek Tower occurred 7 days after the final inspection to rave reviews on the 30th of May. “Memorial Day Weekend!”

EPIC for Sure!!!!“WOW and WOW – you have to try the Epic Tower in Castle Rock” “Epic Climbing Tour” “Great family outing…”  See the reviews here.

The SOAR Adventure Tower receives dozens of 5 star Trip Advisor reviews including:

“Fun time with teenagers” “Great family fun!” “Great fun for the kids!” “Wow!!” “Great Experience” “Fantastic Family Fun” “Awesome place” “A great corporate group activity!” “Perfect for all ages!!!” “Entertainment for Everyone” “All Day Adventure!!” “Want to go back” “Great time! Very professional and safe…”

See the SOAR reviews here.

The KristallTurm KT90 product can be found in major European cities like Berlin and Moscow. It is to be found on top of a ski resort in Europe or resorts in Cuba, Hungary and Turkey. If throughput, WOW factor, low overhead, high safety and market domination factor highly on your list of “must-haves.” The KT90 is your choice!

With KT90 towers in Tennessee and Colorado, another in production and more in due process, the time to capitalize on this growing industry segment is now.

You have now discovered how quickly a KristallTurm KT90 tower can be delivered, built and be operational. You’ve read customer reviews, seen the photos and you now know what’s possible for your market.

Still interested in the KT90 or other KristallTurm outdoor and indoor products?

If you have not already done so, the next step is to go ahead and download our information package. Please include your contact information and we will give you a call to explore what is possible. If you are visiting Franklin TN or Castle Rock CO, please swing by our client locations, say hi and experience what we have built. You will not be disappointed.

Element images KristallTurm

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