KristallTurm® Unique Value Proposition Statement

Small Footprint Operation System

Your KristallTurm® is a modular aerial adventure park design that is available in three standard sizes, requiring a maximum space of 2 full sized US Open Tennis Courts. The space requirements are as follows:

  • Only 92’x 105′ x 50′ (28 x 32 x 15 meters) for the largest aerial adventure tower
  • Only 26′ x 46′ x 50′ (8 x 14 x15 meters) for the smallest aerial adventure tower

Excellent Return On Investment

The KristallTurm® aerial adventure park generates a very attractive return on investment. Your KristallTurm® high ropes course is engineered for maximum efficiency, not to mention minimized risk. Simply put, there are no trees (or acreage), or the headaches associated with tree-top or wooden pole structures to contend with. After all, your KristallTurm® modular adventure park is an asset not a liability, with excellent resale value if you decide you want to sell it later. Our The KristallTurm® aerial adventure park company will also ensure you operate in a protected territory, with ongoing support and the opportunity for future expansion and revenue streams.

Minimum Staff Required

KristallTurm® modular high ropes courses require only 5 staff or less to run a full size aerial adventure park.

  • Ratio: 1 staff member per 30 customers
  • Maximum capacity is 120 customers for the largest tower (therefore just 4 staff members)

Expandable Modular Aerial Adventure Park Design

Your KristallTurm® adventure park is built to order and ships in 40ft containers. Production and onsite delivery takes 3 to 4 months and the adventure tower installation, from start to handover and opening day, is a quick 4 weeks! Furthermore, low overhead, small employee requirements and surgical operating efficiency equates to less time towards profitability and improved return on investment.

Tourist Magnet

Our KristallTurm® aerial adventure parks appeal to the natural human spirit longing for adventure, challenge, and exploration. We have installed KristallTurm® high ropes courses in a variety of unique locations around the world:

  • On the summit of ski resorts in Switzerland
  • In the centre of major world cities like Berlin and Moscow
  • And in indoor and outdoor locations across Europe and the United States

Excellence in Safety

The patented, award winning design and safety standard excellence of our KristallTurm® aerial adventure parks and high ropes courses provide every owner with immediate peace of mind. Furthermore your KristallTurm® operations surpass European TUV and US ASTM safety standards. We are also members of the ACCT. The use of world class safety equipment and professional staff training has resulted in zero serious injuries or fatalities on any KristallTurm® adventure park in over 10 years!

Large Market and Audience Appeal

Aerial adventure parks and high ropes courses attract all kinds of people of all ages. The adventure towers are designed with multiple levels of difficulty, allowing for segmentation and the creation of beginner to expert levels of difficulty. This unique design attracts multiple customer groups from Cross Fitters and American Ninja Warrior fans to singles and couples, as well as parents wanting to spend time outside with their kids. Furthermore, your new KristallTurm® aerial adventure park can be installed in any environment and on virtually any type of topography.

Low High Ropes Course Maintenance

The KristallTurm® aerial adventure tower is built from hot dipped galvanized steel. Your KristallTurm® adventure park will not rust or corrode, and furthermore, your KristallTurm® is engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions as well as daily wear and tear from hundreds of guests. This means your investment will continue to look new, attractive and exciting. If you desire a natural looking structure, we can paint the steel components to blend in or match your environment. The annual maintenance budget for a full sized KristallTurm® aerial adventure park is just a fraction of revenue.

Plenty of Media Attention

As you’ve seen, our KristallTurm® high ropes courses are 100% unique! The universal attraction of the KristallTurm® lies in its modern DNA: part adventure-park, and part architectural wonder and engineering masterpiece. This means the iconic crystal shaped design of the KristallTurm® adventure park, coupled with its innovative adventure activities, games and event platforms, delivers multiple opportunities for unique media angles and stories, such as:

First KristallTurm in Africa
KristallTurm® at the IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando Florida
KristallTurm® wins Global Connect Award (Awarded in Stuttgart)
New KristallTurm® in Platja d’Aro, Spain

Additional Revenue & Improved ROI

Because the KristallTurm® aerial adventure park design is modular and expandable, there are plenty of additional revenue generating opportunities for park owners outside of ticket sales including:

  • KristallTurm® merchandise
  • Photography/Video packages
  • Food and Beverage vending
  • Corporate and special event bookings
  • Plus additional add-on revenue streams like Zip Lines, Quick Jump, and the Big Swing

Own Your Own Market!

Let us show you how profitable a KristallTurm® modular aerial adventure park can be and how you can own your own market!

Download our latest KristallTurm® brochure to view stunning photos of our KristallTurm® adventure park installations.

You can also contact us online, send us an email or call Zamon at 1-778-785-0188 to find out more about the unique business value of KristallTurm® high ropes courses.